Pemba Hotels

Pemba is the northern most provincial capital, and gateway to the Quirimbas National Park and Archipelago. This page also includes accommodation options in Cabo Delgado Province outside of Pemba.

Hotel Wimbi Sun

Hotel Wimbi Sun is situated in the centre of this paradisaical beach which shares the same name. The hotel offers a number of comfortable accommodation options all featuring AC and private bathrooms.

The hotel is not only ideal for holiday-makers wanting to enjoy this fantastic beach but a large conference room makes the hotel an ideal choice for business travellers and companies and organisations wishing to conduct conferences or meetings in Pemba.

Pemba is a beach paradise and Hotel Wimbi Sun is situated in the centre of this beach paradise just a few metres from this beach. Choose a standout value hotel to ensure a fantastic stay

a: Av. Marginal, Praia do Wimbi, Pemba, Delgado Province

t: +258 2149 9644 (MozambicanHotels Reservations Centre)


w: HotelWimbiSun

Leisure Complex

Leisure Complex Info and images soon!

a: Rua Impasse, No 49/505, Bairro Cimento, Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province

t: +258 2149 9644 (MozambicanHotels Reservations Office)


w: LeisureComplex

Samotina Guest House

Samotina Guest House Photos and Information soon!

a: Bairro Eduardo Mondlane AB161, Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province

t: +258 2149 9644 (MozambicanHotels Reservations Office)


w: SamotinaGuestHouse

Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort

Set on the pristine beaches of Cabo Delgado Province Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort is reaching a new level of comfort and sophistication for this remote corner of Mozambique. The beach, with its clear blue waters, will be essentially your private playground, well, you and the Resort's other guests. Come and enjoy one of the most private destinations in Mozambique and enjoy the year-round warmth, and close by adventure activities, all a short jump from Pemba.

a: Mecufi Road, Pemba, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

t: +258 848 484 299 / +258 843 131 314



Pemba Arti Lodge

Pemba Arti Lodge is situated just in front of an untouached reef in Pemba, nestled on Londo, where the peninsula closes the Bay of Pemba, between the Turkish blue of the Indian Ocean and the wild beauty of the natural reserve of the Quirimbas. You will find very comfortable bungalows with direct sea view for couples or families as well as high-standard double bedrooms for backpackers. Don't miss this incredible diving opportunity. Group tariffs are possible upon request. Return transfer between the airport and the lodge are included in the price. 

a: Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique

t: +258 866 84 74 11 / +258 866 78 74 79



Other fantastic options in Pemba

Avani Pemba Beach Resort

There is probably no other hotel as famous as Pemba Beach Resort in all of the north of Mozambique. High-end hotel on the start of Wimbi Beach.

+258 2722 1770

Chuiba Bay Lodge

A peaceful beach just to the south of Pemba city a fantastic calm option

+258 82 305 0838

Chuiba Palms Beach Villas ApartHotel

Fully-equipped Beach Villas right on the beach in this relaxed side of Pemba

+258 82 307 2860

Complexo Turístico Caracol

On the main Marginal this Complexo is well-known for family accommodation for decades

+258 2722 0108

Hotel Cabo Delgado

A long standing hotel in Pemba renovated recently with conferencing facilities

+258 2722 0558

Il Pirata

A B&B and favourite Italian restaurant at the kite-surfing hotspot of Murrebue Beach

+258 84 467 4450

Jardim dos Embondeiros

Beachfront Chalets on the marginal walking distance from restaurants

+258 84 475 7199

Kaia Village

A full-serviced apartment complex with 48 rooms in this modern complex

+258 87 881 5277

Kauri Resort

On the end of Wimbi Beach Kauri Resort offers accommodation and restaurant and direct access to this lovely beach

+258 2722 0936

Kirimizi Hotel

One of Pemba's newest and most stylish hotels

+258 2722 0180

Locanda Italiana

Part of the Italian restaurant complex with the same name in the centre of town

+258 2722 0672

Nlapani Casa de Hospedes

Comfortable guest house in green gardens along the marginal

+258 86 502 9522

nZuwa Lodge

This lodge on Murrebue Beach offers a wide range of accommodations right on the beach

+258 82 730 6365

Pemba Beach Lodge

Gorgeous grounds, beautiful accommodation, fantastic food on Murrebue Beach

+258 82 313 1049

Pemba Magic (Russell's Place)

An iconic stop in Pemba with comfortable accommodation and a famous restaurant

+258 82 686 2730

Pieter's Diver Place 

A Pemba classic Pieter's offers accommodation, a bar, restuarant, and of course activities like diving

+258 82 682 2700

R&A Guest House

Self-catering facilities in a comfortable location close to the airport with pool and relaxation

+258 84 901 8251

Residencial Reggio Emilia

A simple but comfortable B&B by Wimbe beach

+258 2722 1291

Rezz Resort

This beachfront resort at the end of Wimbi Beach has a pool and 19 rooms

+258 82 080 0808

Raphael's Hotel 

One of Pemba's newest hotels, Raphael's is a large hotel with jacuzzi and sauna

+258 2722 5555

The Nautilus Hotel

A centrepiece of the beautiful Wimbi Beach this modern hotel is also a favourite for its first class dining

+258 2722 1407

Ulala Lodge

Charming bungalows in this lovely eco-lodge on the fantastic Murrebue Beach

+258 82 741 5401

Umaca Nanhimbe

A comfortable guesthouse with green gardens right on the beach side on the Marginal 

+258 86 913 9755

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