Advertise your Accommodation with us

What does it cost?

The simplest package starts at just 295mtn per month (mais IVA)! You will not find cheaper, more-effective advertising in Mozambique. (See our PACKAGES for more options)

Why advertise with us?

We provide an important internet presence for your business. People are increasingly making the internet their search point for businesses, especially the more affluent, and people who have recently arrived in Mozambique. Paper media is becoming less relevant, don't be left behind! Imagine, if you just get one extra booking per year you will have paid your year's subscription!

What do I get?

The simplest package @295mtn per month gives you a presence on six websites. If you have a website or Facebook page being linked by six sites this increases your chances of being found by search engines such as google and bing. We also advertise on the internet increasing the chances that people looking for your type of business in Mozambique will see your ad. Your ad will include a photo and a small description of your product/services, physical address, phone contacts, website (and/or Facebook), and email address.

I don't need extra advertising, my business is doing well.

In many cases this is true, but at this rate just attracting one client who may not have known about you would pay your advertising costs for the entire year. If your competitors are on our sites, and you are not, you also run the risk of losing prospective customers. It's also important to consider that 95% of people research their holidays before travelling. The longer you take to begin making an internet presence, the harder it will be in coming years to get a foot in the door as search engines favour long-established sites.

I've been approached by many internet 'directories', what makes this one different?

Mozambican Lists is a project run by Connection lda, a company that specialises in market research, and internet and viral marketing. Our product is a lot more than simply an ad on six websites increasing traffic to your business or website.  

1- We advertise on google and bing search engines, this means our sites appear before other unadvertised sites when people search for services in Mozambique

2- Mozambican Directories adopts an interactive marketing model. Our marketing strategies ensure Mozambican residents, and visitors, search our sites continually as new promotions and products are launched. For a marginal added fee hotels will be able to launch their specials on our site targeting increased occupancy outside of peak times.

3- All of our sites are mirrored in Portuguese and English, ensuring International markets are targeted, and Portuguese, Brazilian, Angolan, and Mozambican markets are not ignored. The mirrored sites also increase your ads visibility on search engines.

4- We complete market research and study international studies to understand the changing face of tourism. We consider important that 95%(!) of travellers now research their destination on the internet before booking. We recognise the trends that indicate that Mozambican computer literacy is about to explode along with the domestic tourism market. The number of hotels in Mozambique is growing even faster than the increased demand, getting on board now helps ensure that you remain a step ahead of the newest establishments.