Instability Having a Negative Impact on Mozambique Tourism 151028

Instability Having a Negative Impact on

Mozambique Tourism

(2015-10-28) In Mozambique, tourism operators say the political tension is scaring investors, there is already indication that more than half a dozen of tourist establishments have closed all over the country, "pushing" a hundred people to unemployment.

Summer has begun and, unlike previous years, the pilgrimage of tourists to Mozambican beaches is still not visible.

Operators say that this year, tourism will feel a strong shake, should prevail climate of political instability.

Currently, the sector employs around 300,000 people and represents 3.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), but it is believed that the figures would be higher if there were no constraints.

Analysts say the profitability of companies in this sector is affected by a number of constraints in the business environment, but Albino Malileco, secretary of the Association of Tour Operators, at this point, the political tension is the main factor.

In 2013, tourism revenue reached 222 million dollars against 195 million the previous year.

In the same year, in terms of investment, this sector received 870 million dollars, representing an increase compared to 2012, when the figure was 696 million.

In recent years put into operation 578 new establishments hotel and restaurant, which caused the number of beds to rise to more than 45,000, but attracting customers is becoming more and more difficult.

Anthonny Kooner, a South African tourist, told us to be aware of people looking for other tourist destinations, but stressed that despite low levels of services in some tourist establishments, the main problem is corruption and the bad reputation of the security situation in Mozambique. Normally he spends his holiday in south Inhambane. "It's wonderful," he says.

In Maputo, which has hosted most of the holidaymakers, the situation is also not very good in terms of bookings for the coming months, which are the peak tourist season in Mozambique, as indicated by Louis Malagissa, the Hotel Terminus manager .

However, the Mozambican Minister of Tourism says that all issues that arise in this sector are being addressed.

Silva Dunduru said that by the year 2025, Mozambique will be the most vibrant and dynamic tourist destination in Africa, should receive more than four million tourists a year.

Source: VOA Português