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One of our most frequent questions at MozambicanHotels:  how can I get to Inhaca Island? 

What complicates this question is that the answer often changes so if unsure send us an email to get the most up-to-date information (just in case we haven't updated it on this page yet! - Last updated 04/06/21)

For years the main transport to Inhaca Island was the government Nyeleti Ferry. This ferry used to run 5 days a week when it was running. Then it reduced to only 3 days a week. As of this time the Nyeleti has now been retired and a new government ferry KaNyaka has been acquired and it began operations on the 30th of May 2019.  

The KaNyaka ferry runs Maputo-Inhaca-Maputo on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The Ribjene Ferry runs on the remaining days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)


The new government ferry, KaNyaka is a bit more expensive than its predecessor with first class tickets costing 680mtn and second class tickets costing 280mtn each (one-way). The flash modern boat should improve the tourism situation on the island which had suffered especially after the Pestana Inhaca Hotel closed a few years back. The KaNyaka ferry leaves Maputo (From the Katembe pier) at 11am on Fridays, and 07h30 on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. It leaves from Inhaca to Maputo on the same days (therefore going to the island and back on the same day) leaving Inhaca each of these days at 15h00. You will also need 30mtn to pay the small boats at the Inhaca side as the ferry can't get close to the pier. 

Note: when you catch the small boat close to shore you will still get wet past your knees so dress appropriately

The ferry leaves from the Katembe pier and returns here. 

Tours or Charters:

There are a number of Tour Operators and Private Charters that regularly do Inhaca Tours or Island Transfers from Maputo to Inhaca. Tours Maputo ( or Maputo City Tours ( are probably the two with the best reputations. Note that transfers only make sense if you have a group of people, the fuel alone from Maputo to Inhaca and back to Maputo can cost about $200 so private transfers can be very expensive, especially if only a few people.

Parking in Maputo:

Good parking options in Maputo are hard to find. Many of the best options are in hotel parking spaces. If you are not staying in Maputo for a night the best option might be the Escola Naútica which is next to Waterfront Restaurante, the entrance is at the large roundabout called Praça Robert Mugabe. Do not leave your car parked unguarded in the street in Maputo. Theft of car parts is very common. 


There is also at least once company working from Maputo International Airport that offers charter flights to Inhaca