Embassies and UN Heighten Their Travel Warnings to Mozambique 160226


Foreign Embassies and UN Agencies Heighten Their Travel Warnings to Mozambique

Following the attack on a FAO vehicle the UN has restricted travel in Manica, Tete, Sofala and Zambezia to only essential tasks. UN agencies are now required to contact the Department of Protection and Security should they wish to undertake any land travel in these four central Mozambique Provinces.

A number of Foreign Embassies in Mozambique have also lifted their travel warnings as attacks in the central "zone" has now averaged about two attacks per day. This despite a prominent political commentator, Joseph Hanlon, showing that this number is well below the number of car accidents.

But it is problematic to compare car accidents and shots being randomly fired at passing motorists. In the last week we have seen shooting as far as south as Muxungue, and as far north as Maringue district. Shots have also been fired at vehicles despite their protection in Mozambique military protected convoys, of which there are currently two on the country's principal highway, the EN1. 

Some analysts have also suggested that the attacks are being done purely to cause fear and uncertainty, and that the objective is not to kill or injure passing travellers. Whatever Renamo's current tactic is Foreign Embassies are forced to increase their travel warnings, to not do so would leave them open to claims of neglegence if one of the stray bullets were to hit one of their nationals.