Mozambique Tourism News

30/10/15 Connection lda, Connection lda Becomes First Social Media Site with Mozambique Tourism INATUR Mark

26/10/15 VOAPortugues, Instability Having a Negative Impact on Mozambique Tourism

16/11/15 A Bola, Mozambique and Angolan Air Companies Share a Commercial Accord

26/02/16 Connection lda, Embassies and UN Heighten Their Travel Warnings to Mozambique

18/02/17 Connection lda. Mozambique Government Announces 30-day Tourist Visas now Available at Borders for all Visitors 

21/02/17 Connection lda Tourists Still Being Charged $79 USD for Tourists Visas at Maputo Airport

25/09/17 Connection lda Tourism Visas can now be paid for with Credit Cards at Maputo International Airport

17/10/17 Connection lda President Nyusi Recognises Corruption Hinders Tourism at FIKANI Fair

03/11/17 Connection lda All Diesel in Mozambique to be 50 ppm Sulphur Content

15/11/17 Connection lda Inhambane Tour Operators Cry Foul over Aeroportos de Mocambique's Plan to Close International Airports

17/03/18 Connection lda Mozambique Tourist Visa Now Valid for Two Entries

18/03/18 Connection lda Ressano Garcia Lebombo Border Mooted to Permanently Open 24 Hours Next Month

28/03/18 Connection lda Tofo Voted Best Beach in Southern Mozambique

05/07/18 Connection lda LAM Flights Cancelled due to lack of Fuel

03/11/18 Connection lda Maputo Katembe Bridge Toll costs to start from 160 MZN

19/11/18 CH-Aviation, Fastjet set to add routes in Mozambique

24/07/19 Connection lda VOA Visa Upon Arrival to Mozambique Remains $50 While Other Visas Double in Cost

19/12/20 Connection lda Mozambique President Announces VOA Visa On Arrival Return to all Open Border Posts and International Airports