All Diesel in Mozambique to be 50 ppm Sulphur Content


All Diesel in Mozambique to be 50 ppm Sulphur Content

The Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced today that no more diesel over 50 ppm will be imported into Mozambique, when the current stocks of 500 ppm diesel run out in the coming days the more environmentally friendly 50 ppm diesel will be standard countrywide. This brings Mozambique inline with most of its neighbours like South Africa who have had the option of this cleaner diesel for some years.

"The change has been made for environmental reasons because Sulphur is regarded as a pollutant and diesel with a lower sulphur content is less damaging to the environment," the Ministry explained.

The news has been met with relief from many visitor from South Africa whose vehicles require the cleaner diesel. Many newer vehicles stipulate that diesel with a lower than 50ppm content must be used or vehicle warranties become invalid. The move is important for the tourism industry in the south of Mozambique where self-drive tourists from Mozambique are the industry's life-blood. This new move will ensure more visitors can come to the country.

The move to cleaner diesel is better for the environment, better for public health, and also has benefits for vehicles and their long-term maintenance. The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) has lobbied for the move encouraging the use of more sustainable and less harmful fuels.

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