Tourists Still Being Charged $79 USD for Tourist Visas at Maputo Airport


Tourists Still Being Charged $79 USD for Tourist Visas at Maputo Airport

Despite the government's announcement last week of 2.000mtn visas at Mozambique's entry points visitors to Mozambique were still being charged up to $79 USD at Maputo airport as of yesterday. We have confirmation from another of Mozambique's International Airports that the cost of the 30-day tourist visa has not changed with $75 being charged at Vilankulo.

The table shown to visitors at the Maputo airport shows a visa cost of 2.124,44 mtn which with the current exchange rate equates to about $30, but tourists are still being charge these high prices that tour operators claim are hurting tourism in Mozambique.

There is still confusion as to who is eligible for 30-day tourist visas at borders points with the Migration Department in Maputo confirming today that all tourists coming to Mozambique who have Mozambique representation in their home country should apply for visas before coming. This despite hundreds of visitors arriving at different Mozambique entry points countrywide and receiving the visa upon arrival - irrespective of whether there is a Mozambican High Commission or Consulate in their home country.

Our calls to a number of Mozambique High Commissions and Consulates in neighbouring countries confirmed that they are still issuing 30-day tourist visas, some up to five times more expensive than the stated 2.000mtn.