Maputo Katembe Bridge Toll costs to start from 160 MZN

Maputo Katembe Bridge Toll costs to start from 160MZN


Toll costs for the Maputo Katembe Bridge have finally been revealed after much anticipation with a normal small vehicle set to pay 160 MZN to cross from Maputo to Katembe or vice-versa. Classe 2 vehicles will pay 320 MZN, Classe 3 vehicles 750 MZN, and Classe 4 vehicles (large trucks) are set to pay 1.200 MZN for each traversal.

The toll booth at Bela Vista, the other toll that motorists will have to pay if travelling from Maputo to Ponta d'Ouro or to the southernmost border with South Africa, have also been revealed with most motorists expecting to pay 100 MZN.

The announcement was made Friday afternoon by Mr. João Machatine, the current Minister of Public Works, Habitation and Water Resources. 

The new bridge is set to reduce travel time between Maputo and the popular beaches to the country's south including Ponta d'Ouro, Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli. It is also expected to provide further stimulus to the growing Maputo Special Reserve. While many tour operators in Ponta d'Ouro welcome the bridge and the new road that connects this small tourist town to the country's capital many others are concerned about the collateral affects including increased degradation to the sensitive environment and the likelihood of congestion in the centre of town. (If you are looking for accommodation in Ponta d'Ouro all accommodation there can be found on

It will be interesting to see if the bridge will be the preferred option for those travelling from Ponta d'Ouro and wish to travel north of Maputo or to Ressano Garcia (Lebombo) border, as the bridge feeds straight into Maputo City and potential heavy congestion. The alternative route via Boane is now paved and may well become a preferred route especially during peak hours in Maputo City.