Mozambique Government Announces 30-day Tourist Visas now Available at Borders for all Visitors



EXCLUSIVE!VOA Visa Upon Arrival to Mozambique Remains $50 

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Mozambique Government Announces 30-day Tourist Visas now Available at Borders for all Visitors

Accommodation providers and tour operators throughout Mozambique are hailing the government's announcement that all visitors to Mozambique are now eligible for visas at borders (Visa On Arrival our VOA) equipped with the equipment necessary to issue biometric visas. 26 border posts have been issuing these visas since 2005 but there has been considerable confusion regarding which country's nationals were eligible with many Mozambican Embassies telling travellers that they must get them before travelling to Mozambique.

In the height of Mozambique's boom in 2014, before the current economic crisis, confusion in the law led to some travellers being refused visas at Maputo airport. The previous law in its literal form was still unclear leaving the decision open to interpretation. But this announcement has cleared the way for increased visitors from countries other than our neighbours who currently account for more than 80% of leisure tourists to Mozambique.

"This is an important step in opening Mozambique as a popular tourism destination rather than just a destination for hardy travellers, its a very important first step by the government," an impressed Blake Gray from Mozambique's largest Tourism Publicity company, Connection lda,  told us. "This question has caused so much confusion to people planning their holidays and countless potential travellers have just decided to go elsewhere. We have been campaigning for clarity regarding this issue with INATUR for some time. What is most strange is that our research has shown over the last three years that travellers have been getting their visas at the border anyway, this announcement finally shows potential visitors that they are welcome."

A total of 44 borders will now being issuing biometric visas to visitors with the remaining 14, in many of the least-crossed land borders, to be able to issue them in the near future. 

The cost of the visa is 2.000 mtn which with the current exchange rate is about $30 USD however we have seen that borders are still charging up to $80USD if one does not have Mozambican currency. It is believed that double-entry entry visas will also be issued upon request at borders.

Many Mozambique tourism stakeholders celebrated the announcement on social media:

Respected owner of Maputo's Tan n Biki Resort:

Border posts in Mozambique Issuing 30-day Tourist Visas

Maputo Airport

Inhambane Airport

Vilankulo Airport

Beira Airport

Chimoio Airport

Tete Airport

Songo Airport

Nampula Airport

Nacala Airport

Pemba Airport

Moçimboa da Praia Airport

Ponta do Ouro Border (South Africa)

Goba Border (Swaziland)

Nama Acha Border (Swaziland)

Ressano Garcia Border (South Africa)

Giriyondo Border (South Africa)

Pafuri Border (South Africa)

Chicualacuala Border (Zimbabwe)

Espungabera Border (Zimbabwe)

Machipanda Border (Zimbabwe)

Cuchamano (Nyampanda) Border (Zimbabwe)

Cassacatiza Border (Zambia)

Calomue (Dedza) Border (Malawi)

Zobwé Border (Malawi)

Milange Border (Malawi)

Mandimba Border (Malawi)

Namoto Border (Palma) (Tanzania)

Maputo Port

Beira Port

Quelimane Port

(not an extensive list)

A lodge owner in the far-north rejoices:

Tour Operators in South Africa instantly seeing an opportunity that is also good for Mozambique

Even before the change came official this traveller felt the impact 04 March 2017

Boletim da Republica de Moçambique - New Border Visa announcement 

confirming that VOA (Visa Upon Arrival) is possible for all nationalities

UPDATE: Note that the current price for a border visa is $50 USD and allows two entries within 30 days

See more responses to this announcement on Mozambique's biggest tourism Facebook group:

Source: AIM

NOTE: Nationals from other SADC countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland etc. will still receive free tourism visas into Mozambique