2 - Morrumbala Tourism Blog - July 2013

Morrumbala - An Enchanting Corner of Mozambique Largely Untouched by the African Economic Boom

You won't find many tourism websites highlighting Morrumbala as a popular destination, and the scarcity of accommodation options quickly make it obvious that it is not a common destination. But if you are after a true taste of rural Mozambique it is a great place to explore, especially if you have a vehicle. The dirt roads wind through field of rice, corn, sesame, beans and bananas and many crops most people have never heard of. Morrumbala is a bustling District Capital and has great little opportunities for mountain climbing, bathing in the hot springs, or just plain exploring. Filled with histories and fables other highlights include the famous mountain with its protective gate, and Chief Ndambuenda, the hippopotamus who preferred red wine and walked though this small riverside village.

Its advisable to pick up some supplies before leaving town as you are unlikely to find any options in the villages by the Chire River. A good starting place is to head in the direction of Mount Morrumbala. This mammoth mountain juts out of an otherwise uninterrupted horizon almost like the famous Uluru in Australia. The more adventurous will find ways of climbing this mammoth rock to enjoy vast views of Morrumbala district, the Malawi mountains, and the Chire River where it joins the great Zambezi River. Note that at present there are no guides to show the easier ways up the mountain and adventurers will have to take everything required for their sustenance.