Mafalala Cultural Tour


Maputo's historical Mafalala Suburb (Bairro de Mafalala) has bred some of Mozambique's most famous citizens including the Black Panther Eusébio, and famed poet José Craveirinha. It's catagorised by its high concentration of houses and structures clad with iron sheeting - this sheeting dates back to colonial times when the Black Mozambicans were prohibited to construct with cement and stone.

Maputo's Black Panther

Eusebio is celebrated with Ronaldo, and Figo amongst Portugal's greatest football stars. Actually, many pundits only put Pelé and Maradona ahead of this powerful and skillful forward. Many people outside of Portugal and Mozambique are not aware that the "Black Panther" was actually born and raised in the then-Portuguese colony of Mozambique, in the historical Mafalala suburb.