Islamic Terrorists in Northern Mozambique

Does the violence in the far north affect tourists?

Risk Level: Medium

Mozambique was surprised by the Mocímboa da Praia attacks in early October 2017. A group of about 40 young men, some armed with guns, others with machetes, tried to take over this small district capital. Since then there has been lots of attacks in rural area in this and Palma District, the region of the new gas mega-project. It's important to note that this is an area with very few tourists so tourism in Mozambique is still considered safe. These isolated incidents are very centralised and the areas should be avoided until the situation is normalised. Targets have been local community members.

A Calendar of Events 2017 - 2018

03/12/19 - Another attack on the main highway that connects Mocímboa da Praia and Palma - a short distance from the giant gas project. Two people were killed and another injured, including a South African citizen

01/08/19 - Local farmers were able to escape before this terrorist group burned what left of this village 9km west of Macomia to the ground

27/07/19 - Two more farmers killed returning from their crops in the District of Muidumbe, crops were burned

03/07/19 - 2 children were victims along with 5 adults, 1 of these a police, in Lidjungo Village in Nangade District. This is the second attack that has been claimed by Islamic State however there is still doubts regarding this connection

28/05/19 - In one of the deadliest one-day attacks in Cabo Delgado 16 people were killed when homemade explosive devices were thrown into a truck travelling on a dirt road. Some were killed by the explosion while others were killed fleeing the scene. Three soldiers were travelling in the truck with the objective of protecting it but there were also killed in the ambush. Another 10 injured were flown by helicopter to Pemba hospital. One of the survivors said that the attacking group  was comprised of at least 10 men

28/11/18 - Just hours after Police spokesperson Inacio Dina announced that the situation was under control another attack has left one person dead in Nacotuco, Namoto District. Another person was injured and a vehicle and motorbike were torched in the attack.

24/11/18 -  12 villagers including women and children from the town of Chicuaia Velha, in the northern district of Nangane, were killed last night.  in another brutal attack. Victims were killed my machete wounds are burnt in their homes. The attack, only a few kilometres from the Tanzania border, forced thousands to flea across the border in search of safety

06/11/18 - 45 houses were burned to the ground along with the local school and livestock and other goods stolen in this attack Saturday night in the small village of Quiterajo in Macomia district. There were no fatalities in the attack. It had almost been a whole month since the last attack in this region

24/08/18 - Two members of the coastal community of Cobre were killed in this latest attack, one my machete attack the other one shot in an attack that occurred at 22h00. Cobre is in Macomia District

22/08/18 - The village of Pundanhar was attacked yesterday by insurgents ostenibly in response to the attack that was carried out on their base in the same area only a week earlier. At least one person was injured by a machete while many fled to Tanzania as more homes were burned

20/08/18 - Four bandits were killed and one of Alhu Sunnah Wa-Jama's leaders was captured in an offensive carried out by government sources. Abdul Raim was only identified as one of the group's leaders a week earlier. The attack took place four days ago at Pundanhar, a small town west of Palma on the Tanzanian border

11/07/18 - The northern most attack thus far saw an estimated 20 insurgents attack this small village (Quisingule) in Palma District with 2 reported deaths

10/07/18 - Two young fisherman and a farmer were surprised by insurgents and became the victims of more be-headings with another person totalling four victims in this latest attack in Mbau, in Mocímboa da Praia district

08/07/18 - 5 houses were burnt and four people killed in this latest attack yesterday in Macanga, Palma District

23/06/18 - Insurgents entered Maganja, a small town outside Palma, at approximately 23h00 killing 5 people and burning over 120 homes. This attack is the closest to the planned gas installations. The attackers also left with rice and goats and other foodstuff

20/06/18 - Litandakua in Macomia District was left in ashes yesterday with four reported deaths including more beheadings and a child who lost their life when their house was put to fire. Goats and food was once again stolen

Also in Macomia District 7 people killed and hundreds of homes burned in Nuande

13/06/18 - In some of the attacks furthest from the coast Nangade district saw two points of conflict yesterday with four people killed in the village of Changa after an early morning raid. 2 soldiers were also killed in a separate attack in the same district

07/06/18 - In the most southern most attack near the tourist hotspot of Ibo Island Namaluco, in Moçimboa da Praia District was attacked with 6 killed and over 200 houses burned down

06/06/18 - 5 people were reportedly beheaded in the town of Rueia Village in Macomia District

03/06/18 - In response to the latest attacks local community worked in conjunction with security forces to identify attackers resulting in 13 insurgents being killed over the last three days

01/06/18 - Reports of a death of a resident of Muti village in Palma district. The event occurred yesterday

27/05/18 - In the most terrifying attack since the insurgency began 10 people were beheaded by insurgents in 25 de Junho and Monjane in Palma District. 

17/05/18 - Two persons were killed by insurgents in the first attack in Macomia district in the community of Ilala

22/04/18 - On Saturday the small village of Mangwaza was attacked resulting in one death, four houses burnt down, and the theft of food

15/04/18 - At the earliest hour this morning a group of approximately 10 men attacked the small village of Ncumbi in Palma District. A shopowner who refused to handover his shop's food was desembowelled. President Nyusi visited the town of Palma just hours later

23/04/18 - Only two days after the last attack in Diaca Velha the group returned to this village and three people are believed to have been kidnapped

21/04/18 - Several people were reported to be killed yesterday (numbers unconfirmed) during an attack yesterday in Diaca Velha in Mocímboa da Praia with goods also stolen

13/03/18 - The village of Chitolo in Mocímboa da Praia District was attacked a second time yesterday with one casualty reported and homes reportedly burned

15/01/18 - 5 people were killed and government buildings were targetted in Olumbi, Palma District, the second time this town has been attacked

24/12/17 - The town of Mitumbate was shelled from helicopter and navy ship with up to 50 casualties reported. The Rapid Intervention Force considers Mitumbate to be a an Islamist base

17/12/17 - The National Director of the of the Rapid Intervention Force was killed when their convoy was ambushed travelling between Mocimboa da Praia and Mitumbate

12/12/17 - Inlane, in Palma District, was attacked by men armed with machetes and knives. These machetes were used to kill two people and two others were injured.

30/11/17 - One person is reported to have been murdered by radical insurgents in the town of Megulo in Mocímboa da Praia District

29/11/17 - Insurgents have killed two people after an attack in Palma District in the very north of the country

22/10/17 - Mocímboa da Praia was attacked again today however no casualties were reported

16/10/17 - It has emerged that before the attack on the 5th of October that the insurgents sold their houses and belongings

12/10/17 - Another attack near Mocimboa da Praia with a police convey the target. Police confirm that they suffered one casualty while three of the attackers were killed

08/10/17 - It has been clarified that there is no link between the group in northern Mozambique and Al-Shabaab of Somalia. The group is believed to be called Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamâ

07/10/17 - The fighting between reportedly Al-Shabaab terrorists has ended with a reported 14 insurgents killed as well as 2 policemen and one community leader. 

05/10/17 - A group of an estimated 40 men lay siege to the northern fishing village of Mocimboa da Praia in an apparent attempt to take over the town and install Sharia Law.