101 Best Mozambique Holiday & Tourism Highlights

NUMBER 100 - Louis Tregardt Memorial

Number 100 - Louis Tregardt Memorial

The Louis Tregardt Memorial provides one of the more peaceful stops on any trip around the Maputo Tourist Circuit. Commemorating the expedition that sought to find a an alternative route to Maputo Bay (then Delagoa Bay) as all ports in South Africa were dominated by the British. This shrine is hidden down Av. Josina Machel about 100 metres from the Independence Square

NUMBER 6 - Mafalala Cultural Tour

Number 6 - Mafalala Cultural Tour

NUMBER 5 - Explore the Ruins on Xefina Island

Number 5 - Xefina Island Day Trip

Part of the reason this Island rates so highly is it is most certainly the best day trip for visitors to Maputo. Just a small boat ride and you will have this amazing island to yourself..well, and a few fisherman who live at the north end. Cleaner sand, and sometimes even cleaner water, and after relaxing the ruins are fascinating.

NUMBER 4 - Bazaruto Archipelago Dhow Safari

Number 4 - Bazaruto Dhow Safari

Done over two or three days, the Bazaruto Archipelago Dhow Safari is a legendary stopover on the southern Mozambique circuit, and rightly so! With extortional accommodation costs for all accommodation on the islands, this alternative is a fantastic way to explore the islands,and the teeming marine life.

NUMBER 3 - Swim with Whale Sharks

Number 3 - Swim with Whale Sharks

From Inhambane Province, up to Cabo Delgado Province, there are a numerous fantastic spots to catch whale sharks in Mozambique. Few are better than Tofo and Barra for year around opportunities to swim with the amazing creatures in these warm Indian Ocean waters.

NUMBER 2 - Real Nature in Gorongosa National Park

Number 2 - Gorongosa National Park

It's been labelled Africa's Last Eden. Rare for African wildlife reserves you don't feel like you are in a manufactured amusement park. Gorongosa is raw nature with breathtaking scenery and a healthy smattering of animal life. You certainly won't be overrun with hoards of other tourists in this park

NUMBER 1 - Explore Ilha de Moçambique

NUMBER 1 - Ilha de Moçambique

This UNESCO listed "living museum" is a fascinating glance into Mozambique's decadent colonial past. Trees now puncture roofs of what were once luxury homes from the days that this island was Mozambique's capital despite not having a natural water source.