Northern Inhambane Coast

Northern Inhambane Coast is one of the most picturesque areas of Southern Mozambique. From Maxixe, to Morrumbene, to Massinga and then onto the amazing Pomene Reserve, this area is densely packed with tropical coconuts plantations and many of the Provinces most spectacular beaches.



Travessia Lodge

Travessia Lodge Inhambane
Combine deliciously warm water and glorious endless beach with true Robinson Crusoe style remoteness and you get Travessia Beach Lodge. Nestled between coastal palm forest and the dunes lining coastline, this is simple luxury at its best. The lodge's bushwalks  introduce travellers to a picture book of rural African living with villagers busy with traditional food preparations and small-scale farming among a sea of coconut palms. Wonderfully isolated yet easily accessible and so unspoilt, it feels like a secret. 

a: Morrumbene District, Inhambane Province, Mozambique
t: +258 84 049 2942



Bonito Bay

Bonito Bay's Amazing Views in Morrungulo
One of Mozambique's best-kept holiday destinations, Bonito Bay is a spectacular resort occupying perpetually sunny grounds that overlook one of the country's most beautiful beaches. There are few place on earth where you can enjoy such pristine tropical beaches all to yourself.
The Spectucular Bonito Bay in Morrungulo

Bonito Bay is an affordable option offering both self-catering and catered holiday groups on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean. From our beach you have endless aquatic opportunities including boat, or shore fishing, diving, snorkelling, and the popular whale and dolphin viewing. 

The resort is easily acessible by car (only 15 minutes from Mozambique's major highway the EN1), or flying in with Inhambane and Vilankulo airports which are both less than a 2 hour picturesque drive away.

a: Morrungulo Beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique
t: +258 86 415 1925

Other fantastic options in the amazing Morrungulo

Morrungulo Beach Lodge
A long-time favourite with beachfront chalets and camping options
+258 84 246 7533

Sylvia Shoal
Set amongst Palms and indigenous bush lodge has self-catering accommodation and restaurant
+27 71 604 8918



Selection of the best from Pomene

Casa Rei Beach Lodge
Located on the north shore of the Pomene Estuary with Beach Camp and Private Chalets
+27 (0)82 882 0067

Nosso Lugar
A 3-bedroom Beach house for rent in this amazing area of Mozambique
+27 072 150 1915

Paradise Beach Lodge
4, 6 and 8-sleeper chalets all offering self-catering for those who prefer to prepare their own meals
+27 83 777 6423

Pomene Hideaway
A real nature getaway off the grid in this incredible paradise
+27 83 555 6790

Pomene View Lodge
With Majestic views out of probably Mozambique's most beautiful estuary.
+258 84 465 4572