Travel Safe in Mozambique

How Safe is Mozambique?

Does the fighting between the government and Renamo affect tourists?
Risk Level: Low (if danger areas avoided)
Everywhere south of the Save River (Rio Save), and north of Caia is unaffected. There is a military column protecting vehicles travelling between Rio Save, and Muxungue, however this convoy is regularly being attacked. Only necessary travel should be done between these points. The highway passing by Gorongosa to Caia has also been attacked sporadically and should be avoided. 
There have been a few incidents in Nampula and one in Zambézia but these incidents are very isolated.
See "Calendar of Events" on this page - there has now been over two months with no attacks on civilians

Does the recent upsurge in kidnappings affect tourists?
Risk Level: Low
Over the last two years the number of kidnappings in Maputo has grown rapidly, there has also been a few cases in Beira. These kidnappings are targeting the most wealthy families in Mozambique. At present there is extremely low chance that a tourist would be targeted. Usually the kidnappers have considerable information about their victims including even the amount of money in their hidden bank accounts.

What are the most common dangers in Mozambique?

Petty Theft    
Risk Level: Medium
Compared with many other African countries petty crime in Mozambique is relatively low. Usually if you take simple precautions you won't have a problem:
* Do not walk around major cities at night, especially in poorly lit areas
* Do not let your valuables be seen (wallets, phones, cameras etc.)
* Do not leave these same valuables in your hotel room, most hotels have a safe, or a manager who can secure your belongings

Risk Level: High
This is probably the most common complaint from travellers to Mozambique. Whether it is Public Police asking for your passport, or Traffic Police giving the once over on your car, it is unlikely you will have a Mozambique experience without at least once having an interaction with Mozambique's finest:
* Make sure you have either your passport on you at all times, or a notorised copy of your passport and visa. Notaries can be found in almost all major towns in Mozambique. Getting the photocopy of your passport notarised is quick, and costs less than a dollar.
* When driving make sure you have two triangles, two glowing jackets, your battery secured down, and all of your documents in order, and as difficult as it is sometimes to drop from 120km/h to 60km/h in a small distance, do it to avoid the multiple speed cameras.
And remember, every time you pay a bribe you are becoming part of the problem, giving more incentive for Police to harass more people in the future.

In summary, Mozambique is a very safe country to visit, this despite the political problems currently causing problems in the centre of the country. Take the correct precautions and you will enjoy this wonderful country just as hundreds of thousands of travellers do every year.

Mozambique Health and Vaccination Information
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A Calendar of Events 2013 - 2014

Map from @Verdade Newspaper
Fire indicates confrontation points

17/04/14 - Talks continue between the government and Renamo as peace for civilians and visitors continues
15/04/14 - Very strong demands by Renamo are complicating talks including one of Renamo's demands being that they choose the head of the military 
14/04/14 - For civilians and visitors life has returned to normal however fighting still continues in rural areas around Gorongosa
01/04/14 - Men believed to be linked with Renamo attacked a train carrying coal from Tete to Beira belonging to Mozambican giant Vale
31/03/14 - Reports of up to 30 guerrilla attacks over the weekend remind us that there is some way to go before real peace is attained
30/03/14 - Continuing stability is maintained and continuing talks between Mozambique's main political parties are progressing
26/03/14 - Populations up around Gorongosa are finally returning to their homes after six months of intensive fighting in that area - the first clear sign that the conflict is finally ending
25/03/14 - Today marks two months since any attack on any civil targets or the important Muxungue - Rio Save military column.
Two Months without attacks on Civilians in Mozambique
24/03/14 - Calm remains for civilians and tourists countrywide despite continuing military fighting up around Gorongosa and Inhaminga
18/03/14 - Renamo spokesperson predicts the cease-fire between Renamo and Frelimo will begin at the start of April
07/03/14 - There have been rumours over the last week of attacks on the Muxungue convoy but not a single media source confirms this
25/02/14 - Today marks one month since the last civilian attack. With now over four weeks since the last attack on the Muxungue / Save River column common sentiment is that the trouble is over for now. The situation will remain delicate politically until the elections in October but the trouble that crippled the tourism industry in late 2014 appears over for now
21/02/14 - Concessions agreed upon during meetings with Renamo and Frelimo were passed by Mozambican Government today
14/02/14 - Yesterday marked a very important day in talks between Frelimo and Renamo being the first with the presence of five national mediators. Mediators were chosen by both parties
12/02/14 - Stability continues over two consecutive long weekends as the bi-election took place in Gurue with MDM winning another bi-election
10/02/14 - Very positive news to come out of government talks today confirm that both parties have come to an agreement upon the composition of the CNE (National Elections Committee), one of Renamo's main sticking points
09/02/14 - Concerning reports that the FADM are still bombing Mount Gorongosa with heavy artillery despite the positive talks that began two weeks ago
31/01/14 - Continuing positive talks between Frelimo and Renamo provide further hope that the conflict can soon be over. The important request by Renamo that the electoral registration (that begin earlier this week) be extended by two weeks was instantly accepted demonstrating that the government is serious about encouraging Renamo to participate in October's Presidential elections.
29/01/14 - In very positive news Frelimo and Renamo have recommenced to talks after two months of stalemate with the important presence of mediators/observers. Also, a Renamo member in Quelimane announced that they would be running in the Presidential elections in October of this year. (Roads that were cut by flood waters are now moving again however very slowly)
25/01/14 - The military column was attacked once more today making a second weekend running of attacks on this column. Complicating travel between the north and south is flood waters that have cut the EN1 at various places between Vilanculos and Inchope
22/01/14 - Increasing reports of Renamo troop buildups around the country, amongst the most concerning near Moatize in Tete
19/01/14 - Another attack on the column this morning and sadly more victims. One a FADM Major.
18/01/14 - The military column between Rio Save and Muxungue was attacked again this morning with two deaths and three wounded
16/01/4 - Sporadic attacks reported, one at a police station in Funhalouro, Inhambane (one Policeman was killed), and another on local shop owners also in Inhambane Province
15/01/14 - After two weeks without an attack the military column between Rio Save and Muxungue was hit today with two victims renowned football players returning from a game. Concerning reports, also, of Renamo build-ups in Niassa, Cabo Delgado, and even Matola in Maputo Province.
13/01/14 - Still no attacks on column since 1st of Jan but fighting has taken place in Homoine district, just outside Inhambane city - the southernmost area of fighting since the war began in October
06/01/14 - No attacks on the column since the first of Jan, but the build-up of Renamo troops near Inhambane city causing a lot of concern, including thousands of families abandoning their homes and fleeing to the city
04/01/14 - Concerning reports of a build up of Renamo soldiers in the district of Homoine (near the city of Inhambane) - the first indication of the war heading further south
01/01/14 - A second morning of attacks on the military column was reported welcoming us into 2014. No casualties were reported
31/12/13 - After weeks of relative calm in the centre of the country the military column was again attacked today. Fighting between government and Renamo troops is still continuing near Gorongosa
17/12/13 - Another attack today on the military column between Rio Save and Muxungue
15/12/13 - More attacks on the military column and more victims. At least one civilian victim this morning along with a number of military deaths.
12/12/13 - More fighting took place around the Muxungue area with more military wounded
11/12/13 - There was more serious fighting around Satunjira with reports that the government was trying to take back the base that Renamo retook earlier this week. Renamo retaking this area is a very serious development proving that the opposition has more potential than previously expected
10/12/13 - The convoy was attacked once again today at around midday once again in the dangerous Muxungue area. Military vehicles providing protection were hit
09/12/13 - An LTM bus travelling between Beira and Maputo was attacked today with three seriously wounded. THe bus was riddled with bullets whilst travelling between the dangerous Save River/Muxungue section
05/12/13 - Once again the military convoy was attacked this morning and suspended for the evening due to the dangers with attacks continuing at trenches that have been made in the highway
04/12/13 - Three days of relative quiet despite a win for the opposition party in the municipal election in "the capital of the north" Nampula. Today a Police Station, health post, and the house of the Administrator, were vandalised by armed men in Nhamatanda, near Beira
01/12/13 - A civilian was gravely injured in another attack on the military column this time near Ripembe River. The attack happened at another location where the highway the highway was interrupted by a trench.
30/12/13 - Three days of quiet in the dangerous Muxungue area is broken by another military column being attacked. No reports of civilian injuries but a civilian bus was riddled with bullets. The city of Beira back to relative normalcy. 
27/11/13 - Riots in Beira, and a shooting near Muxungue highlighted that things are still not back to normal in Central Mozambique. Riots were provoked by disputed reports of forced army recruitment. The shooting near Muxungue was of a local teacher who was waiting for transport in the dangerous Rio Save - Muxungue strip.
26/11/13 - A bus travelling from Beira to Maputo was attacked in the military column near Muxungue. There were a few reported injured but no fatalities
One of the trenches dug into the EN1 near Muxungue
21/11/13 - There was an attack on a commercial vehicle near the town of Maringue. Two youths, sons of the driver, were killed in the attack on this civilian vehicle.
20/11/13 - After five relatively quiet days there was an attack at the Pungue Bridge. Renamo attacked that FADM vehicle at this bridge while commercial vehicles were not attacked. (Thanks to Nick at Exec Logistics)
Election Day - In summary very calm and organised however a number of reported incidences of violence and fraud.
16/11/13 - A political rally in Beira turned ugly with a few fatalities, and many injured. The government insists that the special forces only shot upon the crowd when they attacked government cars, whilst the opposition (MDM) maintain that it was a peaceful rally that turned into a stampede when special forces started firing live ammunition and tear gas.
The large trench cut into the EN1 is still causing concern as it requires a small detour and armed men are still in that area
15/11/13 - In the first reported attack in four days military were attacked on the dangerous Rio Save to Muxungue section of the EN1. Two men were killled (1 of FADM and the other Renamo) and nine more injured when they had stopped at a huge trench cut into the highway. Transit is currently cut off. Another attack was registered in Nampula Provinve on the highway that links Nampula with Cuamba. The driver is in critical condition. Authorities afirm that the civilian truck was attacked with the objective of stealing its load (food supplies)
11/11/13 - Gorongosa National Park staff attacked in Park vehicle near Gorongosa, none wounded. FADM forces attacked near Maringue, 4 wounded, 1 fatality. Near Nampula men dressed in Renamo fatigues sacked a business a set fire to building and car.
10/11/13 - Fighting registered between FADM and opposition near town of Gorongosa. Numerous wounded military reported.
09/11/13 - Passenger Bus attacked near Muxungué despite protection from military column. Three passengers wounded by bullets.
07/11/13 - FADM attack house of Village Chief Mangune (Dhlakama's father) near Province of Manica
06/11/13 - At least 8 FADM military killed in fighting around Vunduzi. A Health Post was attacked by men in Renamo uniforms and all health supplies stolen
05/11/13 - Military column attacked again between Rio Save and Muxungue. One civilian killed, and three wounded, including one pregnant woman. More fighting between Renamo and FADM near Maringue - unconfirmed how many casualities. Fighting also reported near Vunduzi with reports of truckloads of casualities being transported to local hospital.
04/11/13 - Military column attacked again between Rio Save and Muxungue. One of the victims was a Jeep that escaped into the bush before rejoining the column. At least two civilians wounded. In the only attack reported so far in the Province of Zambézia. The Renamo position was being attacked by heavy artillery.
03/11/13 - Military column attacked again between Rio Save and Muxungue, no reports of injuries. Further north at River Pungue two vehicles were attacked. There were no reports of injuries but one of the vehicles was torched. 
01/11/13 - Military column attacked again between Rio Save and Muxungue, wounded taken to hospital in Vilanculos. Anglo-Australian company recommends family members of workers temporarily return to their countries until situation stabilises.

Travel Safe in Mozambique

* Information from this page is sourced from: STV and @Verdade