Louis Tregardt Memorial

Louis Tregardt Memorial

Large photo of Louis Tregardt Trek Memorial in Maputo
The Louis Tregardt Memorial provides one of the more peaceful stops on any trip around the Maputo Tourist Circuit. Commemorating the expedition that sought to find a an alternative route to Maputo Bay (then Delagoa Bay) as all ports in South Africa were dominated by the British. This shrine is hidden down Av. Josina Machel about 100 metres from the Independence Square.

Louis Tregardt was one of the prominent Voortrekkers ("fore-trekkers" or pioneers) that, unhappy with the British rule, forged inland. With the British controlling the souther ports of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth Tregardt aimed to find a route to the alternate port of Lourenço Marques (as Maputo was then known) that was controlled by the Portuguese.

Unfortunately after successfully arriving many of the trekkers fell ill as malaria began to take its toll. First to perish was Louis'  wife and he also died six years later before the remaining survivors were transported by shop to what is now known as Durban.

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Directions to the Louis Tregardt Trek Monument in Maputo