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Civil Disturbance in Muxungue area near Beira

All travellers should keep abreast of the political situation in Mozambique. Over the last year there have been ongoing battes around Gorongosa, and even innocent victims between Rio Save and Muxungue.

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Public Holidays

  • 1 January New Year's Day
  • 3 February Heroes' Day
  • 7 April Woman's Day
  • 1 May Workers' Day
  • 25 June Independence Day
  • 7 September Lusaka Agreement Day
  • 25 September Armed Forces Day
  • 4 October Peace Day
  • 25 December Family Day

City Specific Public Holidays

  • 05 February Matola
  • 21 March Tete
  • 17 Julho Chimoio
  • 12 August Inhambane
  • 20 August Beira
  • 21 August Quelimane
  • 22 August Nampula
  • 23 September Lichinga
  • 7 October Xai Xai
  • 18 October Pemba
  • 10 November Maputo


Canhu Festival (Haula Mudzenco or Amarula Festival) [Marracuene & Gaza Province]
Carnaval [Quelimane, Maputo & Xai Xai]
Azgo [Maputo]
Strab [Ponta Malongane]
Festival M'saho (Timbila Festival or Festival dos Marimbeiros de Zavala) [Quissico]
Dockanema [Maputo]
Festival On´hipiti [Ilha de Moçambique]
Festival Umoja  [Maputo]
Mozambique Wine Festival
Festival da Praia da Zavala [Praia da Zavala]



Please note that Mozambique has tightened its borders. You now should get a tourist visa before coming. If you have no Embassy in your home country you should at least have proof that you are coming for tourism purposes. Many people have been refused entry and sent home - especially those who are apparently coming to work but are requesting tourism visas at the airport or border.

For a list of Mozambican Embassies, High Commissions, and Honorary Consuls, click HERE

Tourist Visas for countries that do not have Mozambican Embassies visas can be processed at borders and International Airports costing approximately U$D80-90 for single entry (valid for 30 days) but it is much safer to get your tourism visa before arrival.

Countries exempted from requring a visa include most SADC countries (Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambie, Zimbabwe). Business visas cannot be applied for out borders irrespective of SADC citizenship or not

Multiple entry visas can only be applied for in the traveller's home country.

Renewing Tourist Visas in Mozambique is problematic. It is no longer possible to just cross the border to apply for a new one. Many travellers are forced to spend five days outside of Mozambique before being allowed to re-enter on a tourism visa. If you already have two or three tourism visas you will likely be denied. Extensions now can be extended at immigration offices in major cities.

Photos are not required when entering the country to process visas - your photo will be taken at the point of entry upon filling out the form, and payment of visa application

Empty Passport pages are required (at least two) for visa processing

Passport validity must be for at least six months after date of entry

NB for bus travellers: Many bus companies who transport passengers from Johannesburg to Maputo, and Durban to Maputo, will insist that travellers have visas before being allowed to enter the bus, this is due to buses being held up in the past because of slow visa processing times. This "rule" is now relaxing a little with many bus companies - check before travelling. A small trick is to buy a bus ticket to Komatipoort - the last South African town before the border. During the journey you can tell the bus host that you would like to go to Maputo but you still have no visa, often they will wait for you. If not, there are constant small local buses leaving from the Mozambican side of the border (100mtn, or 35Rand). BE CAREFUL OF MEN OFFERING TO EXCHANGE MONEY AT THE BORDER.

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